So there have been a few discussions about how we’re going to reveal the gender of our baby. First, how we want to find out. Second, how we’re going to reveal to family and friends. I’ll disclose how we’re going to inform ourselves, but as far as the family and friends go, we’ll leave that to a surprise. So here’s the plan I devised and that Jill is going along with.


Our ultrasound appointment for learning the gender is November 21st. That’s 2 days before we leave on vacation, and 4 days from when our cruise sets sail for “Babymoon 2012″.

The Plan

Going against everything my body will be telling me, we’re going to attempt to not see the gender in the ultrasound and have the tech write the gender in an envelope, and seal it. Then we’ll bring it on vacation with us. We will make all attempts to not open this envelope until we hand it off to the waitstaff during our first meal on the cruise. Our request will be that it arrives as part of our dessert that night (weather it just be the card, or a special plating disclosing the gender).

So that’s how we’re going to try and do it. As for the rest of you who are expecting the family & friends reveal, you’ll just have to wait and see our plan for that.

Theres only 176 days until we get to meet you. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous and excited at the same time. If you ask your mom, I’ve probably read more in the last 3 months than through my entire college and high school careers combined.

Posted by Chris Klosowski

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