Tag: Open Source

Code Snippet: Show blog ID in admin header

Just recently I ran into a case where I had to quickly look something up in the database of my WordPress development environment. I typically do this via a program...

/ February 20, 2015

Don’t Settle for Broken Windows

Small or large...a broken window is still broken. The same principal applies to your code. Small or large, a bug exists and needs to be fixed.

/ January 27, 2015

Leading By Example

I’ve previously written a few posts about using WordPress Actions and Filters to better extend your plugins and/or themes. This time though, I want to talk about leading by example,...

/ August 15, 2014

Showing EDD File Download Sizes

The other day I got an interesting support thread for Easy Digital Downloads, asking for the list of files, and their sizes be displayed when viewing a product. Being that...

/ July 18, 2014

Generating Star Ratings with Dashicons

Recently I was working on a ratings website, and needed a quick way to consistently generate the current star ratings of the items. Many of you are familiar with the...

/ July 7, 2014

Using Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing as an API GateKeeper

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Easy Digital Downloads as I’m a contributor and support technician Lead Developer for the project. I’m also a HUGE fan of the Software...

/ April 19, 2014

Lessons I’ve Learned from Enterprise Software Development

No matter how many personal projects, open-source projects, or GitHub repos you’ve submitted changes to…nothing can prepare you for the arduous process that enterprise level software development can be. I...

/ March 1, 2014

My Return to the Customer Support World

Anyone who tells you doing customer support is easy, is either lying, naive, or insane…or some combination of all three. It’s a hard role that will try your patience on...

/ February 28, 2014

New Features and the Tyranny of the Default

It’s happened to all of us at some point or another. We see the shiny ‘Update’ button on our WordPress dashboard, phone, or other platform with excitement and can’t wait...

/ August 28, 2013

The benefits of WordPress actions and filters

As a WordPress plugin developer, the 3 most important things I put in my code are: Translatable Text (__, _e, _n, etc) apply_filters do_action Why are those the most important,...

/ June 7, 2013