Although widely used for piracy, Torrents have their place in the legit world too. I use them quite often to download larger Linux distributions as well as other large open source projects. Sometimes these will take an hour or two to complete…but I want to know when it’s done without leaving the sound on my desktop turned up to 11 (or 12, or 30). So I set out to use some Bash scripts, daemons, and Pushover to complete this task.

What you’ll need

  • Linux Operating System (Not sure how to do this with Windows but OS X should be fairly similar)
  • Transmission Torrent Client
  • Pushover Mobile App (iOS / Android)

Create a Pushover Application

First you’ll need an application in your Pushover account to bridge Transmission with the Pushover Mobile app. Visit and name this app whatever you like. Here’s what mine looks like:

Setup a Pushover Application

Setup a Pushover Application

Be sure to note the “API Token/Key” and your “User Key” (available when you first login to, a we’ll need those in a moment.

Next up, the Script

The script is pretty small, but is what connects Transmission to your Pushover App that we just created. Here’s the script, and then I’ll explain a little:

curl -k -F token=[API Token/Key from above] -F user=[Pushover User Key] -F title="Download Complete" -F message="$TR_TORRENT_NAME completed"

This line loads up some basic information for us about the download that completed. It’s what allows us to use $TR_TORRENT_NAME to get the name of the torrent.

That big ole’ curl command calls to the Pushover API and passes in our application token, user key, a title, and a message.

I typically store this file in my home directory in a path something like:

After that you’ll need to make sure you make this an executable script:
$chmod +x /home/[username]/.scripts/

Last, tell Transmission about the script

Transmission has a handy little preference in the “Downloading” tab that lets you “Call script when torrent is completed”. Just supply this with your newly created file, and you are all set. Next time a download completes, you should get a push notification to your mobile device about it.

Posted by Chris Klosowski

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