I decided it was time to update the theme for this site to something a little less…kid like? I dunno, it was growing old on me. I always typically just go through the basic featured themes on WordPress.org trying to find something that will suit my needs. I don’t want to make it a labor of love…just somewhere I can post my thoughts. Anyway, I’m digressing.

I ended up on this nice looking, feature rich, responsive (need this) theme called Pinboard. Yep, it’s a popular one, I’m fine with that. I was having this weird issue where on posts imported from Flickr, a double image was showing, as well as some extra information about the Flickr URL. I decided to dive in.

Turns out, this theme has a function that takes all post meta entries (custom fields) and displays them. Here’s the code:

<?php $meta_keys = get_post_meta( get_the_ID() ); ?>
<?php foreach( $meta_keys as $meta => $value ) : ?>
    <?php if( ( '_' != $meta[0] ) && ( 'enclosure' != $meta ) ) : ?>
        <span class="custom-meta"><strong><?php echo $meta; ?>:</strong> <?php echo $value[0]; ?></span>
    <?php endif; ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

This was the cause of my problem. I was seeing entries made by the Flickr import, in my post meta area. I’ve submitted a support ticket asking for a clarification as to why they would do this or if they’d consider a filter on this. I’ll update the post when I hear back.

This is a bad idea for a few reasons, but most importantly, some plugins use this area to store non-user-facing information about the posts. Doing a blanket display of postmeta could result in some improperly formatted or private data being shown to users.

Post image by motti82 via Flickr & Creative commons

Posted by Chris Klosowski

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