Don’t Pitch Me Bro!

Ask most sales/marketing people and they’ll tell you, pitches are a numbers game. The more people you offer to, the more sales you’ll get. They aren’t wrong, it’s a statistical...

/ May 18, 2014

A List of EDD Contributors

So .club domains released today, and I decided to grab to help quickly showcase some of the top contributors on Easy Digital Downloads. Not sure where else I’ll go...

/ May 7, 2014

Developer ProTip: Don’t be tricky

Well that was embarrassing! Day 1 of a plugin release. One of my first customers. Boom, Fatal Error. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ In short, it was a simple mistake on my part,...

/ May 5, 2014

My Must Have Books on Software Development

You can’t be a good software developer without reading. That’s just a straight up fact. Whether it’s blog posts, documentation, or good ole’ fashioned books, you have to keep educating...

/ May 1, 2014

Using Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing as an API GateKeeper

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Easy Digital Downloads as I’m a contributor and support technician Lead Developer for the project. I’m also a HUGE fan of the Software...

/ April 19, 2014

Work vs. Procrastination

The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life. – Jessica Hische (letterer, illustrator, and type designer)

/ April 18, 2014

A Chance To Learn Something New

In my last 4 years as a software developer for GoDaddy, I’ve had the chance to work on one of the largest scale WordPress sites that I’ve ever worked with....

/ March 23, 2014

Pushover Notifications for Completed Transmission Downloads

Although widely used for piracy, Torrents have their place in the legit world too. I use them quite often to download larger Linux distributions as well as other large open...

/ March 13, 2014

Removing another plugins hooks

The Problem Recently, I was working on a support thread where the user was attempting to override the default functionality of Easy Digital Downloads by using the remove_action() function. This...

/ March 3, 2014

Lessons I’ve Learned from Enterprise Software Development

No matter how many personal projects, open-source projects, or GitHub repos you’ve submitted changes to…nothing can prepare you for the arduous process that enterprise level software development can be. I...

/ March 1, 2014