I’m a long time user of both Gnome DO and Todo.txt. Recently, I’ve been looking for a good method of making these two work together in harmony and I’ve finally done so. I executed this on Ubuntu 12.10. This article assumes a couple things:

  • You have Gnome Do setup and configured with the Gnome Terminal plugin
  • You have Todo.txt fully working
  • You have sudo access on the computer

The typical usage of Todo.txt is all command line or mobile app based (Android and iOS). What I was looking for was a quick way to add, alter, complete, and delete entries without having to open a terminal. I searched a bit and found Gnome Shell extensions, but those don’t work with the Unity interface of Ubuntu 12.10.

Step 1: Symlink the todo.sh to /usr/bin
[bash light=true] $ sudo ln -s /path/to/your/todo/todo.sh /usr/bin/todo[/bash]

Step 2: Symlink your todo.cfg to .config/todo/config
[bash light=true]$ sudo ln -s /path/to/your/todo/todo.cfg ~/.config/todo/config[/bash]

These 2 steps are very important as the Gnome Terminal plugin for Gnome Do doesn’t recognize todo.sh as a terminal program. These steps allow this to happen.

Step 3: Enjoy Todo.txt from your Gnome DO interface!

Gnome Do and Todo.txt playing together nicely.

Gnome Do and Todo.txt playing together nicely.

The usage here is pretty simple:

  • Activate Gnome Do
  • Type out your command (eg: todo add “New Item @context +project”)
  • Hit the ‘tab’ key once your full entry is typed
  • Choose ‘Run in Terminal’ (I use the arrow keys so I don’t have to use the mouse)

This works with all commands of Todo.txt.

When it comes to reading my Todo.txt list, I use a varity of methods including the iOS and Android Apps, as well as a Conky Configuration.

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