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Mapping Command Key to Control in Ubuntu Linux

A quick tutorial for setting up a Mac keyboard to work in Linux with the proper key maps.

/ July 10, 2011

Connecting to SSH without a Password

When dealing with Linux servers, the preferred mode of connection is via SSH. The Secure Shell is one that allows for an encrypted connection between you and the remote server....

/ July 9, 2011

Using Find and Grep to search your code base

Let’s face it, when you are in the middle of developing your most recent genius idea, there are times you just need to find every instance of a function being...

/ July 7, 2011

Check Linux Version from Command Line

When you are running a command line only version of Linux, on a server for instance, keeping up to date can fall to the wayside in your daily use as...

/ July 6, 2011

Selecting Your Default Linux Shell

When I got my server up and running, it was dumping me into a default C-Shell. I am familiar with the Bourne Again SHell, or BASH. I kept having to...

/ July 5, 2011

sudo su vs. sudo su –

I’ve always wondered this but finally got the answer as to why you should use: $ sudo su – instead of using: $ sudo su When adding the ‘-‘ character...

/ June 29, 2011

Ubuntu sendmail delays with PHP mail()

I was working on a project recently and was trying to send an email via my PHP script using the mail() command when it would appear that my site would...

/ June 27, 2011

Find Disk Usage by Folder with du

Something I’m always curious about is where my disk space always goes. Honestly, it’s amazing how quickly you can fill up a hard drive these days. Linux has a great...

/ June 15, 2011

Create Random Passwords with makepasswd

We all know the best way to have a secure password is for it to be random. There are a ton of sites out there that will give you a...

/ June 14, 2011

Adobe AIR unable to access ELS

Adobe AIR keeps the passwords and account information of your AIR application in what they call the Encrypted Local Storage or ELS. Well on Linux, this can sometimes get confused,...

/ April 12, 2011