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Hi, I'm Chris Klosowski. Currently I am a Lead Developer of Easy Digital Downloads, where we build the easiest way to sell digital products with WordPress. I am also the person behind Post Promoter Pro, the most effective way to promote your WordPress Content.

Using .bashrc aliases to save time

As a developer there are actions I do over and over that can be quite repetitive in the CLI. Some of these commands require specific flags to be set or...

/ April 7, 2011

Patching 32-bit .deb for 64-bit

I’ve been finding lots of .deb packages that are compiled for 32-bit OS’s that don’t have 64-bit versions available. While this may not be the most elegant solution, it’s been...

/ April 4, 2011

Find and move all of one type of file

I was doing a little organizing of my home directory and needed a quick way to move all of my .pdf files into my Documents/PDF folder. It’s where I keep...

/ April 2, 2011

Quickly emptying a file

So I was messing around with getting a few logging systems setup for a web app I’m writing and after a while these log files started to grow in size...

/ April 1, 2011